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Gaming sights: Is the PS4 better than the Xbox one?

For everyone joining the console generation, there is always a wonder: play station 4 or Xbox One? The correct answer: Play station 4 is the best choice. Both Xbox One and PlayStation 4 were released three years ago. It would, therefore, be safe to state we are amidst the console gaming generation, with astounding technological upgrades to the Xbox and PlayStation systems throughout the years.  In any case, if you to have an amazing moment playing video games, Play Station 4 is your best choice. Apart from its substantial list of games that you cannot play anywhere else, it supports Virtual Reality gaming and its ease of use. It goes without a debate that the PS4 console is superior. Let’s take a look at more reasons that make Play Station 4 better than Xbox One.   Cost.  Most gamers will choose a product with quality specifications at an affordable price. While Play Station 4 costs $399, Xbox One has a price tag of $400. This $100 difference, will attract more gamers since Play Station 4 has quality specifications. Furthermore, Sony provides its customers with bundles for the PS4 console. This bundle consists of a console, controller, and a brand-new game.   PS4 has a built-in Controller Headphone-Jack.

The dualshock

The Dual Shock 4 controller comes with a built-in sound jack. It proves to be useful for gamers who wish to listen to game sounds from their favorite headphones. You do not need to buy any external accessories to enhance the game audio. Xbox One may provide you with the same, but you will need extra accessories to make this function work.   PS4 has more, better and selective games.  Xbox One has games like Halo_5 and Gears_of_War 4. Play Station 4, on the other hand, has more exclusive games in its library. Some of the games available are Horizon, Zero_Dawn, Persona_5, Uncharted, Lost_Legacy, NieR_Automata, and Nioh. Some of the highly praised games are Ratchet and Clank and Street_Fighter V which are only supported by Sony’s Play Station.   PlayStation Vue.  Yes, Xbox One supports HDMI that enables you to control your cable box. It gives one an opportunity to watch tv shows, movies, your favorite sport. It includes Netflix, Hulu, Watch ESPN and more. With Play Station 4, you don’t require an HDMI pass through. Using the game console, you can download your favorite cable services like Cartoon Network, CBS, TNT and TBS which will always depend on your subscription.   Ease of Use.  Play Station 4 menus and dedicated buttons are well visible and ease of use. Most of the navigation controls require side movements and up-down movements. Xbox One uses Windows 10 mash-up which is quite a mess. You always have sidebars popping out everywhere. It becomes quite annoying especially when in a hurry to play a game. If you need to share images, screenshots, and videos with Xbox One, it becomes quite tiresome.


You will need to use Microsoft’s OneDrive service. With Play Station 4, sharing screenshots and videos is easy. PS4 comes with a dedicated button that enables you to share your images all over Facebook and Twitter.

Note that you should redeem a voucher first before you get full functionality with PSN.

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Even Plane Boards: A Beautiful Sight

wooden-boardsIf you’re a woodworker or a DIY enthusiast, then you know how essential it is to keep everything clean, in place, and beautifully done. And it all starts with the material we use. After all, plane boards that have different thicknesses when they’re supposed to be the same are awful to look at and work with.

To make sure the finished product appears neat and gorgeous, one has to use a wood planer to even out the materials. If he or she starts it right by doing this first, then the results would be flawless.



For those who haven’t heard of this handyman tool, let me explain what it is for you. A wood planer produces boards with the same thickness and flattens their surfaces. It’s used with a platform which enables you to adjust the thickness precisely and with ease.

You can use the planer to come up with boards with parallel faces too, which means now you can produce a door that would perfectly fit the frame minus the sticking and jamming.

This tool is commonly confused with a jointer, but the jointer is used to flatten warped or twisted surfaces of boards.



A wood planer saves you the trouble of looking for boards with equal thickness. You can just purchase rough wood and process them through the planer yourself. It’s a piece of cake! You can even save money with this tool because with it you can recycle old wood which still has good quality. Not only will you be able to see a beautifully made product, but you’ll also be conserving wood for a more beautiful earth! Reusing stuff is vital nowadays you know. To help you start with your purchase, I’ll give you a bonus: the best wood planer in 2018 can be found here.

Now, all you got to do is get a wood planer, and all your woodworking projects would look like an expert made them.

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Exploring the Treasures of Barcelona

La Sagrada Familia

From the city’s mesmerizing architecture to the fascinating flavors and textures of its cuisine, Barcelona is brimming with things to see and do. With a wealth of possibilities to choose from — think Barcelona nightlife tours, food adventures, and more — we’ve rounded up some of the unmissable sights and experiences you need to know.

Art and Culture
Exploring Barcelona on foot can lead you to some fascinating discoveries. The city is packed with art galleries and museums like the Fundació Joan Miró with its impressive building, Museu Picasso, Taller Creativo Bencini, and the MNAC (Museu Nacional d’Art de Catalunya) to name a few.

You can’t be in Barcelona and not marvel at its iconic architectural attractions. Not to mention the hidden gems that form part of the city’s rich architecture scene. Beyond the works of the famous architect Antoni Gaudí, you will find plenty of other awe-inspiring Modernista buildings designed by some of Catalan’s best. Among those not to be missed are the Camp Nou, Casa Batlló, Casa Milà, Catedral de la Santa Creu i Santa Eulàlia, Cascada Fountain at Park de la Ciutadella, Casa Vicens, La Pedrera, La Sagrada Familia, Monestir de Pedralbes, Parc Güell, and more.

Music and Festivals
From live music venues to concert halls, Barcelona offers plenty of places for music lovers. Festivals like the Festes de la Mercè and other neighborhood fiestas and celebrations likewise provide a lot of entertainment and fun experiences.

A visit to the city is incomplete without tasting the famous Catalan cuisine. Some of the must-try dishes include the paella, bacalao (raw salted cod), calçot, crema Catalana, escalivada, la bomba, and mató (a type of cheese) among others.

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5 Movies for a Music Lover’s Must-Watch List

Music is everywhere. And for the keen-eared music lover, tuning in at anything worth listening to is one of the simplest pleasures of all. So what happens when you bring glorious music on screen? Simply a kind of magic in itself. Here are some of the best movies you need to watch that the music lover in you will thank you for.

1. Across The Universe (2007)

Across The Universe is a drama/fantasy film that takes you from Liverpool to America to Vietnam. But best of all, this rock musical film showcases a lot of the Beatles’ song. This movie is a real treat for the ears not just for fans of the legendary English rock band.

2. Almost Famous (2000)

This comedy-drama film tells the story high school student who is also an avid music fan. His passion for music ultimately gives him the chance to interview a promising band, an assignment for the Rolling Stone magazine. He then joins the band on its concert tour.

3. Amadeus (1984)

Amadeus is a comedy-drama movie told from the perspective of Italian classical composer and conductor Antonio Salieri. The composer was a devout man who considered Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart as divine and marveled at his talent. But that admiration was soon replaced by envy that ultimately made him turn his back to the God who he believed gave Mozart his divine talent. Classical music fan or not, Amadeus is a must-watch not just for all the Mozart pieces you will hear but also for a glimpse into his life and death.

4. Singin’ In The Rain (1952)

You do not have to be a musical fan to appreciate the gloriousness of this classic film. It is one of the most delightful and genuinely entertaining performances. Unlike some musical movies, the song and dance numbers on this one blend so seamlessly into the story creating an authentic feel that will draw you in deeper into all the fun that goes with it.

5. The Sound of Music (1965)

The Sound of Music is one those classic gems like Singin’ In The Rain that manage to withstand the test of time. It is a film that you will not get tired of watching over and over again. Set in some of the most breathtaking spots in Austria, it tells the story of an aspiring nun named Maria who was sent to the home of widower Captain Von Trapp to serve as governess for his seven children. The songs and music, the scenery, and the story itself are some of the great things you will find in this film

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Four of the Best Places to Go if You’re a Music Lover

Music plays a part in most people’s travel experiences regardless if they are aware of it or not. It could weave itself into moments and may sometimes get unnoticed. But for music lovers, there is nothing quite like having the best of both the pleasures of music and travel. And there are places that offer the sublime experience of both at the same time. Here’s just a few of them and the reasons why you need to visit – apart from the music.

Havana, Cuba
Just taking a walk in the streets of Havana can turn into a delightful musical experience. You could stumble upon a Latin jazz or rumba music performer. Or you can hear the sounds of music out of nowhere, like a trail crumb to follow. But apart from the vibrant music scene, you will find plenty of interesting sights and things to do. Not to mention one of the world’s must-try coffees.

Liverpool, England
Home to John, Paul, George and Ringo, Liverpool is one of the music cities in the world on many music lover’s bucket list. Beatlemaniac or not, you will find that a trip to the city offers a fascinating glimpse into the origins of the world-renowned and much-revered English rock band. Beatleweek and all The Beatles-themed attractions aside, Liverpool boasts of beautiful architecture and delightful food scene begging to be explored.

London, England
London has long been a musical hub drawing musicians and artists from all around UK and the world. It is also home to numerous music venues including traditional pubs and concert halls where you can catch a great performance at any time. And with all its world-famous sights and attractions, the city offers a travel experience quite no other.

New York City, USA
New York
New York City is brimming with musical attractions. And no visit to the city will leave you untouched by the music scene that forms part of its diverse attractions. From iconic Broadway shows to its many must-see sights and things to do, the city is one place you would not mind getting lost into.

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