Don’t the words “Here are free gold and silver for you” sound great and bring instant happiness to your face?

If you’re a Walking War Robots player, you’ll understand what I’m saying. After all, gold and silver are two of the six currencies in the game that are essential in helping players progress.

Before I tell you where you can get free gold and silver, read the importance of each currency first.



Compared to gold, this currency isn’t difficult to acquire. However, collecting silver is crucial for the later stages of the game because you can only upgrade your weapons and robots using silver. And I’m telling you, the upgrades cost a lot.

Almost everything that could be upgraded requires silver, and it’s safe to say you can’t proceed to higher levels if you don’t have sufficient silver.

There are various ways you can obtain this currency, and they are the following:

  • Inflicting the most total damage to enemies in a battle
  • Getting the most number of beacons
  • Destroying the most number of enemies
  • Releasing the most number of critical hits that slow down the enemy’s robots and destroy their weapons
  • Winning the first three battles of the day (this will give you additional 30,000 pieces of silver)
  • Buying Premium (you can get more silver for every match if you upgrade)

You could also get a 50% bonus if you win a match.



As previously mentioned, earning gold in War Robots isn’t easy. But you need it to unlock hangar slots. Gold can also be utilized to purchase extra Workshop Points (WP), buy specific robots and items, and speed up the time needed to upgrade equipment. It pretty much works like any other gold in other similar games.

Here are the ways you can earn gold:

  • After leveling up (you get 50 gold when you level up)
  • Completing the two daily missions (you’ll either get gold or WP when you finish the tasks)
  • Winning medals during your battles (each team member of the winning team will receive four medals after a successful match)
  • Getting the most beacons will give you 5 pieces of gold (courtesy of the “Medal of Capture”)
  • Being awarded by the “Medal of Value” (3rd placer will get one gold, 2nd placer will receive 3 gold, and the 1st placer will get 5 gold)
  • Win the first three matches with your teammates (if you’re part of a clan or team and you win, each of you will get 3 gold)

Now, to fulfill my promise, all you have to do is to visit the online destination below to get your free gold and silver!


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