For everyone joining the console generation, there is always a wonder: play station 4 or Xbox One? The correct answer: Play station 4 is the best choice. Both Xbox One and PlayStation 4 were released three years ago. It would, therefore, be safe to state we are amidst the console gaming generation, with astounding technological upgrades to the Xbox and PlayStation systems throughout the years.  In any case, if you to have an amazing moment playing video games, Play Station 4 is your best choice. Apart from its substantial list of games that you cannot play anywhere else, it supports Virtual Reality gaming and its ease of use. It goes without a debate that the PS4 console is superior. Let’s take a look at more reasons that make Play Station 4 better than Xbox One.   Cost.  Most gamers will choose a product with quality specifications at an affordable price. While Play Station 4 costs $399, Xbox One has a price tag of $400. This $100 difference, will attract more gamers since Play Station 4 has quality specifications. Furthermore, Sony provides its customers with bundles for the PS4 console. This bundle consists of a console, controller, and a brand-new game.   PS4 has a built-in Controller Headphone-Jack.

The dualshock

The Dual Shock 4 controller comes with a built-in sound jack. It proves to be useful for gamers who wish to listen to game sounds from their favorite headphones. You do not need to buy any external accessories to enhance the game audio. Xbox One may provide you with the same, but you will need extra accessories to make this function work.   PS4 has more, better and selective games.  Xbox One has games like Halo_5 and Gears_of_War 4. Play Station 4, on the other hand, has more exclusive games in its library. Some of the games available are Horizon, Zero_Dawn, Persona_5, Uncharted, Lost_Legacy, NieR_Automata, and Nioh. Some of the highly praised games are Ratchet and Clank and Street_Fighter V which are only supported by Sony’s Play Station.   PlayStation Vue.  Yes, Xbox One supports HDMI that enables you to control your cable box. It gives one an opportunity to watch tv shows, movies, your favorite sport. It includes Netflix, Hulu, Watch ESPN and more. With Play Station 4, you don’t require an HDMI pass through. Using the game console, you can download your favorite cable services like Cartoon Network, CBS, TNT and TBS which will always depend on your subscription.   Ease of Use.  Play Station 4 menus and dedicated buttons are well visible and ease of use. Most of the navigation controls require side movements and up-down movements. Xbox One uses Windows 10 mash-up which is quite a mess. You always have sidebars popping out everywhere. It becomes quite annoying especially when in a hurry to play a game. If you need to share images, screenshots, and videos with Xbox One, it becomes quite tiresome.


You will need to use Microsoft’s OneDrive service. With Play Station 4, sharing screenshots and videos is easy. PS4 comes with a dedicated button that enables you to share your images all over Facebook and Twitter.

Note that you should redeem a voucher first before you get full functionality with PSN.